Our goal: Creating significant impact

We share a vision of a future in which people act jointly to solve the problems of their time, show respect for each other and our planet, in which everyone participates in a holistic way, and we courageously develop economy and society together.

This vision guides and motivates us. Our contribution: To strengthen the efficacy of companies that are working on this kind of future. For one thing is clear: There is an enormous need. At the same time, we can see: The potential is far from being realized and there is no more time to lose.

All this requires courage to take on new paths. Since breaking with old patterns together is easier than alone, we are there with you. We support you in your continuous development. We are consultants, coaches, facilitators and creative thinkers, but most importantly, we are your partners. With our clients we are working co-creatively, thus enabling them to become designers and navigators of their transformation. It is our strong belief that solutions have to mature within the organization in order to be effective and sustainable. Each step along the way enables organizational learning and thus, forward progression.

As a team, we practice what we preach: We are working together in a self-organized way, constantly testing new forms of organization and ways of working, and by doing so, increase our own efficacy step by step.

In everything we do, it is our values that guide us:

  • Trust

    We trust in ourselves, in the people we work with, and in the future.

  • Connectedness

    We are approachable and honest, show respect and integrity.

  • Self-determination

    We work self-determined and independently from third parties.

  • Co-creation

    We develop ideas collaboratively – both within our team and with our clients and partners.

  • Eagerness to experiment

    We venture into new territories, test new ideas and constantly learn new things.

  • Efficacy

    We focus on the self-efficacy of individuals, teams and organizations.

  • Evolvement

    We evolve continuously and give impulses to others for their development.

What is important to you when working with others?

We are curious and looking forward to getting to know you.