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Transformation is about changing one's own system. The existing framework is challenged with the aim of creating something new – without knowing in detail what this will look like in the end. This is what fundamentally distinguishes transformation from traditional change projects: There is no beginning and no end – no predefined results and no project plan. Instead, it is about getting started and developing what is new step by step. For this to succeed, three factors are important: a clear strategic direction, the ability to evolve as an organization, and the competence to collaborate effectively as a team.

We accompany you in your transformation with ideas, know-how and support in exactly these three domains: strategic direction and alignment, organizational development and effective collaboration.

  • Strategic direction: What do we stand for, where do we stand and what do we strive for as a company?

    For us, strategy is key to any transformation. If you have no idea what you stand for, where you stand and where you want to go, you will never reach your goals. We do not understand strategy as a fixed 10-year plan, but as a flexible framework that provides opportunities for organizational learning. A well-done strategy has the potential to create a sense of purpose and orientation for the entire organization. We help you develop and implement a strategy that suits your organization.

    covolution's services in the domain of strategic direction:

    • Designing customized processes for strategy development and implementation
    • Collaborative strategy development – starting with a strong purpose and future scenario(s) to clear priorities and planning
    • Consulting on agile strategy frameworks and user-oriented goal-setting systems
  • Cases

    State promotional bank

    Designing a participatory process for strategic alignment and organizational transformation

    Regional public utility company

    Collaborative development of purpose and corporate strategy for the entire corporate group

    Technology consulting firm

    Strategic planning based on future scenarios with the group of partners

  • Organizational development: How do we develop continuously and remain agile?

    Keeping an open mind, challenging assumptions, testing new things quickly and discarding them – repeatedly. This is our understanding of organizational development and an essential requirement for transformation to succeed. We help you to establish the necessary structures and cultural foundations, and to integrate organizational development into your daily business.

    covolution's services in the domain of organizational development:

    • Consulting on suitable organizational models (from hierarchy to sociocracy)
    • Development of organizational roles, decision-making processes, and routines
    • Cultural development with the organization (e.g., towards agility)
  • Cases

    Investment fund (VC)

    Planning of organizational development with the leadership team after a strong growth phase


    Implementation of sociocracy as a governance system and new decision-making structures

    Cooperative bank

    Identifying structural and cultural pain points and co-creatively developing solutions with all levels of management

  • Effective collaboration: How do we work together in the best way possible?

    The success of companies largely depends on how well they work together as a team. We support you in finding the right set-up for you and increasing the efficacy of your team(s) step by step. How is this related to transformation? The answer is simple: The more effectively you work together as a team, the easier it is for you to break down barriers and overcome obstacles.

    covolution's services in the domain of effective collaboration:

    • Co-creative development of models of collaboration
    • Coaching teams in their transition to self-organization and collaborative leadership
    • Tension-based team development
  • Cases

    Promotional bank

    Facilitating of an agile team in the development of a new model of collaboration for the organization

    Promotional bank

    Coaching and enabling of a self-organized cross-functional and cross-hierarchical transformation team

    IT Company

    Facilitating the kick-off of a new sales team including the definition of a team purpose and roles

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