We open up space for you

Designing spaces in which people, teams and organisations can develop and make their individual contribution to the future is what drives us. To do this, we get you moving and support your development – in a results-oriented way, yet playfully, passionately committed and pragmatic, systematic and flexible, charming and honest.

Together with our clients, we work on visible and non-visible factors: Strategies, structures, competencies, mindsets, values and cultures. We do this in an analogue or digital way – as it suits you best.

  • Transformation and evolutionary organisational development

    Being open-minded, questioning the status quo, trying out new approaches and discarding them – over and over again. This is, roughly, the idea of evolutionary organisational development. We help you to lay the foundations for your successful transformation.

  • Purpose and strategy

    A purpose describes the core of an organisation: Its raison d'être and the benefit it creates for others. A purpose is the basis for meaningful and value-oriented development. We support you in your quest for purpose and in your strategic development.

  • Leadership

    When everything changes, leadership (hopefully) evolves as well. The question is: Where to? We help you to find a leadership system that fits your organisation and your goals. Furthermore, we support you to fill your leadership roles with life – irrespective of whether you are an individual or a leadership team.

  • Team development

    The success of teams depends on how well its members work together. We help you find the right set-up for your team and increase your effectiveness step by step.

  • Coaching

    We want you to find the way that suits you best. This is not always the most comfortable one. In our coaching sessions for (top) executives, entrepreneurs and founders, we help you adopt unfamiliar perspectives and develop and put into practice new ideas, behaviours and strategies.

  • Trainings

    Full focus on one topic: With our customised trainings, we create learning spaces where you can try out new things and get concrete ideas that you can use directly in your everyday life.

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