The far-sighted smith of ideas

Amelie Görlich

Creating spaces for developing good ideas together and bringing them to maturity is what excites Amelie – because ideas are the basis for courageous steps towards change. To make this happen, she combines her razor-sharp mind with true empathy. This is how new perspectives and solutions emerge.

Her background as a work and organisational psychologist and her experience in the corporate world help Amelie to develop sound concepts that create real added value in practice. In doing so, she keeps a holistic view of things and cannot be ruffled by anything. These are qualities that are also important to her in her private life: Mindfulness and health run like a thread through her life, just like adventurous travel and social commitment.

A picture of Amelie Görlich

Hard facts

  • Psychologist specialised in work and organisational psychology
  • Main focus: Concepts for team and large group formats, individual and organisational resilience, cultural analyses and interventions

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