The confident encourager

Andreas Ingerfeld

Crises don’t affect him, he always finds a way out: What he successfully implemented in his function as an executive in the corporate world is also his recipe for success in our company. He always keeps an overview, provides security and thus makes people and groups capable of acting. Because he treats people with empathy, he encourages them to dare new things and to experience themselves in a new way. His journalistic skills and communicative thinking help him to reveal power constellations and to radically develop organisational structures and processes. With his experience, he succeeds in linking old and new (working) worlds. His pragmatism never lets him lose sight of the goal, which he achieves step by step with his clients. Similarities to his passion for motorcycling are obvious.

A picture of Andreas Ingerfeld

Hard facts

  • Banker and communicator with more than 20 years of corporate experience, including as a division manager with responsibility for major transformations; co-founder of covolution
  • Further education inter alia in systemic organisational consulting and group dynamics
  • Main focus: Strategic realignment, governance, (crisis) communication

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