The approachable visionary

Julia Straub

Getting to the point quickly, that's her thing: with her keen powers of observation, she reduces and thus gets to the essentials, also for others. She calls a spade a spade, narrows down matters and describes impressions - empathetically, respectfully, clearly and sometimes provocatively. But she does not only make needs and patterns visible, she also gives structure and impulses for next steps. Strengthening people in their ability to act and turning organisations into places that create value and meaning is her motivation, which also drives her to continuously develop covolution. Because of her great expertise, her sense of trends and her clear, approachable manner, she is valued at covolution as a multi-talent: Highly precise, equipped with a wide range of skills and a real support in every situation in life. But despite all her dedication, curiosity and alertness, she can also switch off – preferably to music in all its variations, in the mountains, when swimming or doing yoga.

A picture of Julia Straub

Hard facts

  • Communication scientist, in consulting for more than ten years, including as a communicator at the Boston Consulting Group; co-founder of covolution
  • Systemic business coach and organisational developer, NLP coach, Scrum Master, as well as further education on topics such as mindfulness and conflict management.
  • Main focus: Purpose-driven organisations, leadership (team) development, self-organisation

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