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Michael J. Müller

He is curious and gets to the bottom of the matter: He is interested in what takes place beneath the surface. Through refreshingly direct questions he immediately identifies patterns in the interaction of groups. He asks these questions in his disarming way - and they are therefore gladly answered. His former career as a theatre maker and his keen sense of people, spaces and interactions are great assets for him. Even in emotional situations, he creates the right atmosphere in which people can open up and show their emotions – and thus take the first step towards change. He brings a lot of creativity and artistic approaches into play, so don't be surprised if a workshop is summarized by him with a poem. He also lives out his strong sense of aesthetics in his free time, for example on art and architecture short trips.

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Hard facts

  • Cultural and economic scientist with stages at the theatre and as a cultural agent in the organisational development of cultural enterprises and schools
  • Systemic organisational consultant, scrum master and trainer
  • Main focus: Team development, strategic vision quests, experimental spaces

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