The creative sense-maker

Sören Krüger

For him, everything has to make sense, because sense means drive. That's what he experienced while working for a non-governmental organisation in South Africa. And that is what he passes on to his customers. He loves to sharpen their purpose with them – the "WHY" – and enjoys supporting people in their potential and seeing them grow.

As a keen observer, analyst and strategic mind, he asks the right questions and drives issues forward. He thinks processes holistically, from start to finish. With his structured style, he creates security and orientation for others and is always creative and passionate about what he does. Boredom is definitely not an option with him: In his projects, he experiments with new approaches, methods and trends and harnesses them for his customers. He enjoys being a host – a role he takes on professionally as a facilitator and trainer, as well as privately for friends and family as a cook and hobby barista.

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Hard facts

  • Communication and social scientist, nine years in consulting
  • Further education inter alia in systemic organisational consulting, facilitating change & agile organisational development, agile strategy, effectuation and OKRs
  • Main focus: Purpose-driven organisations, agile strategy, trainings

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